Co-costruire il cambiamento dal basso: una ricerca su spazi e progetti di innovazione diffusa


  • Daniele Morciano University of Bari, Italy


The paper focuses on program about micro-innovation processes activated in a range of spaces for youth throughout the Puglia region. Partially funded by regional or national policies, these spaces resulted mainly from renovation processes of public buildings. Their environments offer a range of resources for who try to develop and implement new projects in a work-related area, as well as in leisure time activities or social committed initiatives. Firstly, an exploratory mapping involved spaces perceived as innovative and particularly involved in change-making (Fab lab, Makerspace Do-It-Yourself Lab, etc.). A qualitative sample of spaces derived from secondary sources and an on-line survey. A subsequent research stage focused on the participation and learning experiences leading to the development of projects that were felt as agents of change. Narrative interviews involved manager and young people, and a quasi-experimental evaluation design had the purpose to test possible associations between different forms of cooperation and the variation of self-perceived innovation skill. Overall, the research offers insights, ideas and questions that can be discussed with those social actors involved in the research activities, so to make the research more useful for any possible improvement of their project efforts.