La sociologia delle emozioni e il legame sociale. Ripensare il rapporto “tra umani” nella società tecnologica

The sociology of emotions and the social bond. Rethinking the relationship “between humans” in the technological society


  • Mariangela D'Ambrosio University of Molise, Italy


Emotions are essential elements that create social relationship: emotions are characterized by personal and social identity that come out from the communication with others. The social relationship’s construction is also emotional, in a mix of  exogenous and endogenous variables. The Sociology of Emotions, starting from the classics, tries to capture these different variables in a reflective, continuous and fluid exchange and reflection. It’s important, especially in our occidental society, to read and to interpret emotions returning to the human, reflecting on challenges of the relationship and re-discussing complexities and problems that interpersonal experiences contemplate. In different “environments”, not only in pragmatic but also in virtual ones, in an emotional e social exchange “onlife”.