Il progetto ENABLE Self-Learning for Arab speaking refugee children. Building a concept for mother tongue trainers and teachers

The ENABLE Project Self-Learning for Arab Speaking Refugee Children. Building a Concept for Mother Tongue trainers and Teachers


  • Valentina Zecca University of Calabria, Italy
  • Sara Mazzei Università della Calabria, Italy


The project ENABLE, Self-Learning for Arab speaking refugee children – building a con-cept for mother tongue trainers and teachers, started on December 2017 as a strategic part-nership in the frame of cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices for school education. It is an Erasmus plus project which involves four countries: Italy, Ger-many, Sweden and Turkey and five partners: the University of Education Schwabish Gmund (Germany); the University of Gävle, Faculty of Education and Business (Sweden); the University of Calabria, Department of Languages and Educational Sciences, Laboratory Occhialì (Italy); the University of Mugla Sitki Koçman, Department of Educational Sciences (Turkey); the NGO Back on Track (Germany). The principal aim of the project is to evaluate and develop an innovative pedagogical methodology for school education for Arab speaking refugee children, aged 9-15, focusing on the role of Arab mother tongue teachers and educators, and supporting in this way their professionalization. The project aims at developing a Europe-wide training model, which considers, at the same time, the differences of the various national contexts. This article will present the main objectives of the project and indicate the particular features of the context in which the project will be implemented in Italy.