Per una cittadinanza globale. Percorsi di vita e traiettorie formative dei giovani

For global Citizenship. Life Paths and Training trajectories of Young People


  • Paolo Diana Università di Salerno, Italy
  • Michela Freddano INVALSI, Italy


Global citizenship is driven by the belief that it is necessary to promote a global conscience, skills, values and attitudes in favor of a more sustainable and inclusive world, able to coun-ter serious criticalities, such as poverty, imbalances, forced migration, climate change, conflicts, which often accompany current development models. This article is dedicated to the articles that make up this issue of the magazine and which were selected from those presented in the call for paper “Towards Global Citizenship:Life And Training Paths For Youth People?. Preliminarily to the description of the selected contributions, it seemed op-portune to dedicate some reflections to a complex theme that can be analyzed through numerous approaches and empirical researches.