Verso un’ecologia umana profonda. L’acqua e le connessioni nascoste della vita

Towards a Profound Human Ecology. Water and the Hidden Connections of Life



The purpose of this work is to contribute to the thematic, theoretical, conceptual and methodological reconfiguration of contemporary sociology, faced with the challenges of time. The study of the relationship between humans and nature can help this goal. Therefore, water is a heuristic element, which must be analyzed in global problems and in aspects of latent culture. At the end of this examination, the contents of the systemic theory of living will be explained, highlighting the importance of the relationship with natural elements to reshape the disciplinary boundaries and the relationship between science and life. Life studies require studying oneself as researchers and as subjects facing the study of reality. Reasoning on relations with nature requires thinking about methods and approaches to knowledge. The paper concludes with some epistemological reflections withthe aim to construction an open and shared scientific world, based on profound union among mind, self and nature.