Una nuova prospettiva di città: agencity

A New City Perspective : Agencity



The city is a concept that has ancient origins and has been constituting itself with a historical and cultural evolution. It is a defined place to respond to the needs of the subjects. The expansion of boundaries and social bonds has led to an exclusion from social life and everyday life leading to inequality social, economic and cultural: critical aspects of cosmopolitanism in the global society. Functionalist theories observe the city as a constructed space in relation to the functions-forces. Interactions, changes and inequalities are defined in the city as a space and generate shapes paths, margins, nodes and references. The margins represent the factors of exclusion in a social peripheries. The participation and the active citizenship develop community aggregations, people’s capabilities and reduce inequalities, set up a new model of city: agencity.





Esperienze e confronti [Experiences and comparisons]