Per una sociologia critica delle migrazioni. Alcune notazioni teorico-metodologiche

For a Critical Sociology of Migration. Some Theoretical-methodological Notations


  • Claudio Marra Osservatorio Politiche Sociali-Università di Salerno, Italy


In this essay we intend to offer a critical analysis on the relationship between the most widespread conceptions about immigration and those that give the social sciences. In the wake of the most recent studies of the sociology of migration, the aim is to show the importance of a closer relationship between the first and the second. We try to show how Pierre Bourdieu's sociological critique can be effective for an analytical journey of migration that compares with the criticism of the same conceptual categories that have so far led researchers, often using those of political discourse and common sense. A greater interaction between the results of empirical research and conceptual tools allow an elaboration that, broadening the perspective, at the same time considers the search for a general theory of migration ineffective.