La scienza delle proprietà emergenti. Un approccio circolare alla relazione attraverso Escher

The Science of Emerging Properties. A Circular Approach to the Relationship through Escher


  • Giacomo Lampredi ARS Maremma, Italy


This article has the aim to discuss the ways through which takes place the auto-organizations of social forms, and how this can represents a redefinition of the role of social sciences. The idea is to be able to trace a sociology as “science of emergent proprieties”. In fact the social phenomena aren’t the results of individual proprieties, and neither the outcomes of impersonal structures, but are the results of structural coupling between these two elements. The article is giving a new likely definition of “social relation”, meant as a “a co-regulated, co-adaptive and co-evolutionary coupling where every agent influences another, giving life to a relational and self-organized domain”. This definition is partly influenced by autopoiesis theory and its possible connections with the thoughts of Georg Simmel, Gregory Bateson and Pierpaolo Donati. Also, it can be useful in order to trace a new sociological path that looks at the observed phenomena as “ongoing social phenomena”, discussing interventions of welfare. In the frame of discussions of relational phenomenon, the concept of “economic flexibility” of Bateson’s Thought will be introduced for explain the homeostatic capacity of relationship as circularity interaction.