Dall’Housing Sociale ai nuovi percorsi abitativi per l’integrazione sociale dei migranti in Italia

From Social Housing to New Housing Paths for the Social Integration of Migrants in Italy


  • Emanuela Pece Università di Salerno, Italy


In the last years, urban territories have radically changed, in part, due to an eco-nomic crisis that has contributed to the creation of new individual needs and, at the same time, of new forms of social unrests. The migration flows affecting our country and many other European realities require fast and concrete actions in order to ensure integration and social cohesion. The article intends to present, as a way of example, a living experience of migrants (and refugees) of the “Casa Scalabrini” project in Rome, in which housing experi-ence become an opportunity for the development of social networks and of dialogue with the local community aimed at promoting integration in the area. In this perspective the phe-nomenon of Social Housing will be analyzed as a reference model, whose principles become an essential prerequisite for the development of new social-type models based on concepts of reciprocity, exchange and collaboration.