L’Italia tra immigrazione e trasformazioni sociali

Italy between Immigration and Social Transformation


  • Claudio Marra Fondazione Migrantes, Italy


This paper aims to illustrate the migration phenomenon in general, paying par-ticular attention to the italian social context; the analysis takes in consideration an interna-tional geopolitical prospective. In the last years, in Italy the incoming migration flows ap-pear to be significantly declining. In this connection several researchers think that a signal like this means a future exhaustion of migration flows in Italy. Based on a data analisys of residence permits, this contribution wants to demostrate that the italian immigration is growing up and, at the same time, it is getting thin. If we consider the data of foreign resi-dents, a territory sociology point of view shows as the migration stability connected to a plurality of national groups, had contributed to the permanent establishment of immigrants. This one concerns of a specific tipology of establishment developped from a connection between historical dynamics, migration chain and socio-economics elements of the differ-ent establishment territories. The final conclusion demonstrates that the rootedness of im-migrants enforced process of change in the organization of territory and of the society.