Lo sport di tutti. Valori e didattica dell’integrazione sociale

Everyone's Sport. Values and Didactics of Social Integration


  • Antonio Tintori IRPPS-CNR of Rome, Italy
  • Loredana Cerbara IRPPS-CNR of Rome, Italy


While the literature continues to list the positive values conveyed by sport, the sports world and schools, which are the fundamental place where young people are confronted with peers also through the rules, they are often subject of news about deviance and violence that have nothing to do with the sporting values. With this paper the authors are promoting a theory, based on empirical evidence, for which it is not enough to plays sports to internalize a system of rules and values to social integration. It is necessary to address the efforts made by experts, scholars, institutions and teachers not only for the promotion of sport - necessary to reduce the problems linked to the sedentarity of the population - but also to the promotion of a structured teaching of sport. Sporting values should be seen as an integral part of the skill set of every athlete. The reliability of the proposed theory is tested through the analysis of information contained in the database of a survey on youth condition carried out by the CNR in 2016. For





Esperienze e confronti [Experiences and comparisons]