Cultura e pratica sportiva tra volontariato e intervento pubblico: il caso norvegese

Culture and Sports Practice between Volunteering and Public Intervention : The Norwegian Case


  • Irene Masoni Università di Pisa, Italy


Among the European Countries Norway shows one of the higher percentage of citizens physically active. These levels are confirmed also with reference to the number of citizens registered with the National Sport Federations. The goal of the research is to underline the features that characterize the Norwegian sport system. The article outlines some final hypo-thesis with regard to the reasons of involvement and about the existence of a link with the characteristics of the national welfare system. Analyzing sport club activities and also public policies (at national and local level) it seems that the most important features are related with the investment in facilities and a wide-spread voluntary sector. The research was con-ducted through the analysis of the institutional background followed by an empirical approach.