Oltre il Mercato e diversi dallo Stato. Terzo settore e impresa sociale

Beyond the Market and Different from the State. Third Sector and Social Enterprise


  • Sabato Aliberti University of Salerno, Italy


The continuous decline of the State as leading center of the political economies, along with the reduction of public resources and the increasing number of nonprofit organizations, they all are reshaping social protection services; Strong cuts on expenditure on social protection (pensions, health, social policy etc.) have been made in order to to meet the balanced budget requirements imposed by the European Union. This element, along with the reduction of taxes’ incomes, led States to give up many of its prerogatives, to private benefit. This started a strong collaboration between public, private and third sector. Third sector has also developed from a mere executor of State’s redistributive tasks, into a real business part capable of designing, producing and managing a large amount of goods and services of social interest.