Dal divertimento alla patologia. Indagine conoscitiva sui giovani irpini e il gioco d’azzardo

From Fun to Pathology. Cognitive Survey on Young Irpinians and Gambling


  • Simone Picariello Associazione Punto Giovani Onlus Serino, Italy


The article describes the results of a social research (funded by the Region of Campania), concerning the pathological gambling, carried out on a sam-ple of 440 young students aged between 16 and 24 years. The research, conducted in the territory of the Province of Avellino, aims to analyze as-pects of addiction to gambling, with possible abuse of alcoholic substances. For data collection were used both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The results show that the percentage of at-risk boys dependence is not higher than the national average and that the steady increase in recent years of the proposed gambling by the state, does not match a hold of these risks realization by of families, schools and public institutions.





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