Welfare locale e innovazione sociale: una buona pratica dal terzo settore

Local Welfare and Social Innovation : A Good Practice from the Third Sector


  • Antonella Golino Università degli Studi del Molise, Italy


The local welfare -among other possibilities- effectively enhances the contribution of volunteering and nonprofit. On the local level we can identify the third sector institutions or companies operating on the market with which to make agreements to carry out activities of new welfare and social innovation, i.e. new ideas (products, services and models) to meet social needs, improve the quality of human life and well-being, and create new relationships and social inclusion. The paper describes a good practice to social innovation performed by volunteers of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Research Foundation and Care John Paul II of Campobasso. The social innovation initiative in the health field, by developing new forms of co-operation between public actors of the third sector, shows that the actors are able to develop appropriate responses and affordable to different social needs in the area and to mobilize resources for this purpose and private skills, pro-ducing value for society as a whole in a perspective of innovative welfare.





Esperienze e confronti [Experiences and comparisons]