La trasmissione religiosa tra generazioni nelle famiglie con background migratorio. Una proposta di ricerca

Intergenerational Religious Transmission in Families with a Migrant Background. A Research Proposal



Within the wider debate about the future of religion and the secularization processes in Western societies, so far the intergenerational religious transmission has received little attention, especially in Italy. Yet, actually the religious transmission appears to be one of the most crucial factors in the decline of religiosity. Nevertheless, little is known about the dynamics within families, as well as on the influence of friendships, school, leisure, work, critical and turning points that mark people's lives. This contribution discusses some lines of investigation emerging from an ongoing research, now in its explorative phase. The first part of the article depicts and try to assess the relevance of the subject, presents a brief review of national and international literature and describes the methodology used so far. The second part is dedicated to debating some dimensions of analysis that seem to deserve more attention, since thus far little considered, in view of a more precise validation of the hypotheses.