Campagna elettorale e social media: scenari evolutivi e nuove differenze nella diffusione social del messaggio politico

Electoral Campaign and Social media: Evolutionary Scenarios and New Differences in the Social Diffusion of the Political Message


  • Gabriella Punziano University of Naples Federico II, Italy
  • Giuseppe Michele Padricelli University of Naples Federico II, Italy
  • Ferdinando Iazzetta University of Naples Federico II, Italy


The contemporary electoral campaign, that became increasingly permanent with the Net, suggests studying the field of political communication in terms of strategies for social media activities. By a quantitative content analysis approach, in this paper it is proposed an examination of behaviors from political leaders of Lega, M5S and PD for Facebook and Twitter posts during the 2018 campaign for national elections. The expected results of this study aim to recap leadership and disintermediation values of each political actor analyzing the differences marked out from the multidimensional analysis in terms of selected issues, posting methods, and, more in general, communication strategies.