Promuovere l’integrazione culturale: le istituzioni e il fenomeno migratorio

Promoting Cultural Integration: The Institutions and the Migration Phenomenon




The current scenario, increasingly characterised by discursive practices and multi-ethnic social relations, requires institutions to play a more active role in strategies for the inclusion of immigrants. A complex challenge that requires a rethinking of institutional communication in order to activate a greater cooperation between self-produced and heteroproduced information. The relationship between administrations and local media facilitates the promotion of a cultural and informative pluralism, partly reducing the processes of mediation and mediatisation. The research presents the specific case of the Marche Region by investigating the communication strategies adopted by municipal authorities with a point of view to promote social inclusion. The analysis focuses on two main dimensions: the first concerns service communication to promote cultural integration, whereas the second focuses on the management of institutional information and the relationship with local media.  The main objective is to strengthen the communication strategies present today in the local context to promote the inclusion of migrants and identify how institutions can coordinate with the media to promote information of public utility.